Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008

Object Synopsis

datatype -- an object representing a datatype definition


A datatype object represents the definition of a Datatype in a THOR or Merlin database.

Datatype objects "read-only" objects -- you can query their properties, but you can't change them directly. Each datatype is represented as TDTs in an auxiliary database, and can only be modified by editing the TDT.

Datatype objects are properties of their parent database. They are automatically allocated when the THOR database or Merlin pool object is created, and can't be deallocated, changed, or copied. They are automatically deallocated when the parent database object is deallocated.

A datatype object represents one or more fields, each of which is represented by a fieldtype child object of the datatype object.

You can get all the datatypes associated with a database using dt_stream(db, TYP_DATATYPE).

Related Topics

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