Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008

Object Synopsis

dataitem -- one set of related datafields in a THOR datatree


A dataitem is one or more pieces of related data, represented by one or more datafield objects.

Related Topics

datafield(3ob) datatree(3ob) stream(3ob)

dt_setinteger(3) dt_thor_moveitem(3) dt_typename(3) dt_sethandle(3) dt_integer(3) dt_datatype(3) dt_real(3) dt_handle(3) dt_count(3) dt_string(3) dt_setstring(3) dt_setadjunct(3) dt_stream(3) dt_database(3) dt_boolean(3) dt_setreal(3) dt_proptype(3) dt_dealloc(3) dt_setboolean(3) dt_parent(3) dt_adjunct(3) dt_type(3) dt_molecule(3) dt_propnames(3) dt_appendstring(3) dt_thor_alloc_dataitem(3)