Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008

Object Synopsis

bond -- object representing a bond in a molecule


A bond object represents a bond in a molecule. Bond objects are always a constituent part of a molecule object, and always join exactly two atoms. Bonds have two closely-related properties: the "bond order" and the "bond type".

Bond order is a formal property of a bond, and is one of DX_BTY_SINGLE, DX_BTY_DOUBLE, or DX_BTY_TRIPLE. A bond's order is not altered by the Toolkit.

Bond type is a derived property, and in addition to single, double, or triple, it can also be DX_BTY_AROMAT. Bond type is computed by the Toolkit when a molecule is changed from the modify-on state to the modify-off state (see dt_mod_on(3) and dt_mod_off(3)).

A bond's type or order can only be changed when the parent molecule is in the modify-on state.

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