Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_thor_setauxillarydb - modify the name of an auxiliary database

Generic Prototype

dt_thor_setauxillarydb(dt_Handle, dt_Integer, dt_String) => dt_Boolean

C Prototype

#include "dt_thor.h"

dt_Boolean dt_thor_setauxillarydb(dt_Handle database, dt_Integer which_db, dt_Integer pathlen, dt_String path)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

logical dt_f_thor_setauxillarydb(database, which_db, path)
integer*4 database
integer*4 which_db
character*() path


Sets the name of one of the auxiliary databases associated with 'database'. The parameter 'which_db' indicates which of the auxiliary database's names is to be changed:
  DX_THOR_DATATYPESDB   change the datatypes database
  DX_THOR_INDIRECTDB    change the indirect-data database
The parameter 'path' is generally a fully-specified database name (e.g. "$DY_THORDB/wdi94_datatypes", or "/usr/local/thordb/wdi94_datatypes"). However, it can be a simple database name (no directory specified, e.g. "wdi94_datatypes"). In this case, the THOR and Merlin servers will use their search-path to find the specified database.

Normally, a datatypes database will not have any auxiliary databases. Indirect-data databases will have an auxiliary datatypes database. Regular databases should always have an auxiliary datatypes database and may have an indirect-data database.

Return Value

Returns TRUE (non-zero) if the operation is successful.

Related Topics

dt_database(3) dt_getdatabases(3) dt_getsearchpath(3) dt_open(3) dt_setsearchpath(3) dt_thor_getauxillarydb(3)