Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_mp_unlock - unlock an object family

Generic Prototype

dt_mp_unlock(dt_Handle) => dt_Boolean

C Prototype

#include "dt_smiles.h"

dt_Boolean dt_mp_unlock(dt_Handle object)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

logical dt_f_mp_unlock(object)

integer*4 object


Unlocks an object family that has been locked with either dt_mp_lock(3) or dt_mp_trylock(3). The function can be used in a multi-threading program with global access of objects across threads to coordinate object access.

Return Value

Returns TRUE when the lock has been released or FALSE on error.

Related Topics

dt_ancestor(3) dt_mp_initialize(3) dt_mp_lock(3) dt_mp_trylock(3)