Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_mer_combinehitlists - combine two hitlists

Generic Prototype

dt_mer_combinehitlists(dt_Handle, dt_Handle, dt_Integer) => dt_Integer

C Prototype

#include "dt_merlin.h"

dt_Integer dt_mer_combinehitlists(dt_Handle hitlist1, dt_Handle hitlist2, dt_Integer action)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

integer*4 dt_f_mer_combinehitlists(hitlist1, hitlist2, action)

integer*4 hitlist1
integer*4 hitlist2
integer*4 action


Combines two hitlists. Operates in the same manner as the search operations. That is, 'hitlist1' is treated as the original hitlist, 'hitlist2' is treated as the result of a search, and the two hitlists are combined using the action. The result is placed in 'hitlist1'. See dt_mer_strsearch(3) for the possible actions. The hitlists must both be derived from the same pool.

Return Value

Returns the number of hits in the hitlist. For objects other than hitlists, this property is defined as -2.

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