Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_ischiral - test an atom for any chirality

Generic Prototype

dt_ischiral(dt_Handle) => dt_Boolean

C Prototype

#include "dt_smiles.h"

dt_Boolean dt_ischiral(dt_Handle atom)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

integer*4 dt_f_ischiral(atom)

integer*4 atom


A convenience function which tests whether or not an atom is chiral. Simpler than using the sequence-based chirality functions. It only indicates the presence of chirality on an atom; it does not return actual chirality values.

Note that the chirality values may be removed during canonicalization for atoms which are perceived to have too much symmetry to actually be chiral.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if the atom has chirality set, FALSE otherwise.


Related Topics

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