Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_info - retrieve information on an object

Generic Prototype

dt_info(dt_Handle, dt_String) => dt_String

C Prototype

#include "dt_smiles.h"

dt_String dt_info(dt_Integer *len, dt_Handle object, dt_String whatinfo)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

integer*4 dt_f_info(object, whatinfo, info)

integer*4 object
character*() whatinfo
character*() info


Get information on an object. Many objects have special properties in the sense that they are not set by Toolkit functions, but rather arise from external sources. This function is not used to return information which the user has control over through the Toolkit.

The following object/request combinations are supported (all others are defined as the invalid string):

dt_info(object, "smiles") returns the original SMILES given to dt_smilin(3) which was used to create the molecule or reaction. This string may include data beyond the smiles, such as a name or data related to the SMILES. This may not match the current molecule (if it was modified after dt_smilin(3)) and will be the invalid string if dt_alloc_mol(3) or dt_alloc_reaction(3) was used to create the molecule.

dt_info(transform, "smirks") returns the original SMIRKS given to dt_smirkin(3) which was used to create the transform object.

dt_info(server, "version") returns the servers version number. The version contains the servers name, revision number, and the date/time that the server was compiled. Note that this function is available to the special user DX_INFO_USER.

dt_info(server, "pid") returns the servers process id. Note that this function is available to the special user DX_INFO_USER.

dt_info(database, "modified") returns the date and time that the database was last modified. Note that for Merlin, the in-memory pool does not reflect changes to a database since loading, so this will remain the modified-date when the pool was loaded.

dt_info(database, "loaded") returns the date/time that a pool was loaded into a Merlin server's memory.

dt_info(datafield, "name") returns the verbose tag for the datafield, as defined by the datatype.

dt_info(datafield, "ntuple") returns a string representation of the order of the data for datafields which are defined with the SMILES_NTUPLE normalization. This is the number which must follow the SMILES_NTUPLE specification in the datatype's definition for this field. If this datafield doesn't have SMILES_NTUPLE normalization, returns "0".

dt_info(datafield, "indirect") returns the identifier tag of the indirect-data datatype for this field. This is the tag which must follow the INDIRECT specification in the datatype's definition for this field. If the datafield doesn't allow indirect data, returns an empty string.

dt_info(NULL_OB, "creation_date") returns the creation date of the runtime library being used.

dt_info(NULL_OB, "toolkit_version") returns the toolkit version number of the runtime library being used.

Return Value

Returns the requested information. With the exception of the combinations enumerated above, any other object/info combinations are defined as the 'invalid string'.

Related Topics

dt_adjunct(3) dt_name(3) dt_setadjunct(3) dt_type(3) dt_typename(3)


Takes a null-terminated string for 'whatinfo' in the C language.