Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_getdatatype - get a datatype definition associated with a tag

Generic Prototype

dt_getdatatype(dt_Handle, dt_String) => dt_Handle

C Prototype

#include "dt_thor.h"

dt_Handle dt_getdatatype(dt_Handle object, dt_Integer strlen, dt_String string)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

integer*4 dt_f_getdatatype(object, string)

integer*4 object
character*() string


Gets the datatype definition for the datatype identified by the tag 'string' from the database 'object'. Note that this function, called repeatedly with identical parameters, will return the identical handle. There is never more than one copy of a particular datatype object.

Return Value

Returns a datatype handle. For objects other than databases or for tags which are not defined for a database, this property is defined as NULL_OB.

Related Topics

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