Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_dfnorm - tests if an object was normalized in a particular way

Generic Prototype

dt_dfnorm(dt_Handle, dt_Integer) => dt_Boolean

C Prototype

#include "dt_thor.h"

dt_Boolean dt_dfnorm(dt_Handle object, dt_Integer norm)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

logical dt_f_dfnorm(object, norm)

integer*4 object
integer*4 norm


Tests the normalization of an object against 'norm'. 'object' can be a datafield or fieldtype (THOR), or a column or fieldtype (Merlin).

A brief list of the data normalizations includes:

  DX_THOR_AUTOGEN         automatically generate dataitem  
  DX_THOR_USMILES         unique SMILES  
  DX_THOR_USMILESANY      unique SMILES, no match to root  
  DX_THOR_ASMILES         absolute SMILES  
  DX_THOR_ASMILESANY      abs. SMILES, no match to root    
  DX_THOR_GRAPH           convert SMILES to GRAPH  
  DX_THOR_MAKEGRAPH       produce a GRAPH subtree  
  DX_THOR_WHITE0          remove spaces  
  DX_THOR_WHITE1          remove 2 or more spaces  
  DX_THOR_WHITE2          remove 3 or more spaces  
  DX_THOR_UPCASE          convert to upcase  
  DX_THOR_DOWNCASE        convert to downcase  
  DX_THOR_NOPUNCT         remove punctuation  
  DX_THOR_SOMEPUNCT       remove some punctuation  
  DX_THOR_CASNUM          insert hyphens and checksum  
  DX_THOR_D3D             compute 3D hash 
  DX_THOR_REGEXP          must match regexp 
  DX_THOR_SMILES_NTUPLE   SMILES-order n-tuple data 
  DX_THOR_PART_NTUPLE     SMILES-order component n-tuple data 
  DX_THOR_BINARY          binary data  
  DX_THOR_READONLY        field can't be set by user 
  DX_THOR_NUMERIC         field is numeric  
  DX_THOR_INDIRECT        indirect data field     
  DX_THOR_MAKERXNMOL      generate molecule subtrees

Return Value

Returns TRUE if 'norm' is one of the normalizations set for the object, FALSE otherwise.

Related Topics

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