Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


osversion - return machine type and software release

Unix Synopsis



WARNING: osversion is normally only used by other Daylight-supplied sh(1) shell scripts (e.g. thorserv_monitor(1)), and is not used directly by customers. In particular, customers should not incorporate it into their own scripts, as Daylight may from time to time change osversion without notice, or may eliminate it altogether.

osversion prints a string on standard output of the form:

XXX 0.0.0
where "XXX" is replaced by the machine type (e.g. "Sun", "SGI", "HP") and "0.0.0" is replaced by the operating system release number (e.g. "4.1.2"). osversion's main task is to account for differences in the way various versions of UNIX report the machine ID and OS release level and report this information uniformly.



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