Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


merserv_monitor - monitor server in an xterm(1) window

Unix Synopsis

merserv_monitor [logfile]


This shell script creates a small X window using xterm(1), and start a tail(1) process in that window. The tail(1) process checks the log file once each second; if more messages have been logged, they are printed in the xterm(1) window.
merserv_monitor monitors the Merlin server
If logfile is specified on the command line, it is the file that is monitored. Otherwise, the environment variable DY_MERLIN_LOG_FILE is used to get the log file's name.

Note that several users can monitor the server's log files simultaneously.

xterm(1) provides several menus, one of which can be used to change font sizes. With the mouse cursor in the window produced by this script, hold down the [CNTL] key and press the right mouse button; the menu that appears allows you to select smaller or larger fonts. Some folks prefer a really small font so they can monitor the Thor and Merlin servers without using much space on their screen.


Assume that a server is running remotely on a machine named "friday", and its log file is "/tmp/thorserver.log". Also, assume that you are sitting at the X display of a machine named "monday". The following will create a window on your screen that shows the activities of the Thor server on "friday" (assuming csh(1) is your login shell):
% xhost friday
% rlogin friday
Last login: Tue Jun 8 13:36:46 from monday
SunOS Release 4.1.2 (GENERIC) #1: Wed Feb 19 14:50:54 CST 1992
% setenv DISPLAY monday:0.0
% setenv DY_MERLIN_LOG_FILE /tmp/merlinserver.log
% $DY_ROOT/bin/merserv_monitor
% logout


$DY_ROOT/bin/merserv_monitor $DY_ROOT/bin/osversion

Daylight License

None required.

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