Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


mcl - Merlin Control Language processor

Unix Synopsis

mcl [-i in.mcl] [-o out.txt] [-v] [parameters...]


The mcl command interprets an MCL program and prints the results, if any. The mcl language is described in the Daylight Theory Manual, and the man page mcl(5).

Up to nine parameters can be specified on the command line. They become the mcl variables $1 through $9, respectively. If a parameter contains spaces, it must be quoted on the command line.


-i in.mcp
Specifies the file in which the mcl program resides. Default is to read from standard input.


Write output as "embedded" HTML, e.g., without an STTP/HTML header/trailer. Default is to write output as simple ("lineprinter-style") ASCII.
-o out.txt
Specifies the file for printing results. Default is standard output.
-v For debugging (not very interesting).

Return Value

Returns zero if all goes well, or one if an error is detected.



Daylight License

programs: merlin

Related Topics

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