Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


list_indexes - Dump Daycart indexes to file for recreation

Unix Synopsis

list_indexes.9 /
list_indexes.10 /


The program queries the data dictionary for Daycart domain index entries and writes out the SQL commands required to drop and recreate those indexes found to two output files: <fileroot>.drop.sql and <fileroot>.create.sql.

list_indexes may be run as any Oracle user. Only indexes that the current user can see will be written. In general, the Oracle user should have 'sysdba' privilege to be most useful. In this case, all Daycart indexes across the entire database will be captured in the output files, organized by index owner.

The output in the file <fileroot>.drop.sql consists of 'DROP INDEX' commands, one per Daycart index.

The output in the file <fileroot>.create.sql consists of 'CREATE INDEX' commands, grouped by Oracle userid, separated by 'CONNECT' statements. In order to use the <fileroot>.create.sql file, one must edit the file to add passwords for each user listed in the file (the 'CONNECT' statements).

Furthermore, it is recommended that each index creation command is reviewed and optional parameters are added (eg. tablespaces, storage parameters).

Note that there are multiple versions of this file, depending on the Oracle version (9i, 10g).


$DY_ROOT/bin/list_indexes.9 $DY_ROOT/bin/list_indexes.10

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