Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


executeprogram - enables use of an external process


executeprogram enables the use of PipeTalk for two-way communication with an external program such as that for the calculation of clogp values using a Java-based web service with SOAP messaging.

Note: In order for executeProgram to function, the environment variable DY_WSPATH must be defined and the program being called by must be installed in a path below DY_WSPATH.

As defined by the WSDL the input/output SOAP messages are as follows. Input: List of lists of strings where each list is one input record, Path to program relative to DY_WSPATH (ascending is not permitted), List of program arguments

Output: List of lists where each list is one output record

Return Value

executeprogram returns a blank string if it does not succeed.

Related Topics

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